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Sound, Lighting, DJ, and Recording Services

Sound and Lighting PA
Live PA - Sound and Lighting

Studio Live Indy is a professional sound, pa, and lighting company dedicated to serving our local Indy music community. Up to 32 channels with 16 independent monitor mixes along with live streaming capabilities.  With the continuing evolution of digital audio technology, our ability to provide studio quality sound during your live performance has never been greater!  We take pride in helping musicians connect with their fans.

Live Multitrack Recording
Live Multi-track Recording

Have you ever performed a live show you'll never forget ...and just wished that you could have captured that fantastic performance, the energy in the room, the crowd that you could re-live the experience over and over? Whenever or wherever we are providing your live sound,  we always have our professional recording studio with us. Our multi-track live recordings are completely independent of the FOH mix.  

Mixing and Mastering
Mixing and Mastering

We mix and master our live audio stems with the most current digital audio workstation software.  With over 18 years experience, our engineers produce professional studio quality recordings of your live shows. We take a lot of care to provide you with, not only a natural sounding live recording, but a studio quality "real deal" live performance of your show that captures the energy and crowd participation that you only find in a live setting.

Corporate Event DJ
Corporate Events

Studio Live Indy can make your company party a rousing success. Our highly trained DJ’s can create the atmosphere that is perfect for your event. If you can plan it, we can make it happen!

Private Event DJ
Private Events

Anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, bachelor & bachelorette parties, holidays, or “just cause” are only a few of the occasions we have extensive experience with. Let us take care of the music, while you and your guests enjoy your time together.

Wedding DJ

From ceremony music to your last dance, Studio Live Indy is the perfect complement to your big day! Our mission, simply put, is for you and your guests to have a great time at your event. We believe that your wedding day should be as stress free as possible allowing you to enjoy every minute.

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